Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!!

Saturday morning, after momma fed me breakfast, she loaded me up in the car and said we were going for a ride.  

Now, despite evidence to the contrary:

I am still not the greatest on car trips.  I get antsy and restless in my car seat and I really just want to run around and play. 

Let's move Lady!!!!

After what seemed like FOREVER in the darn car, we arrived at: GRANDMA'S HOUSE!!!!
Momma said it was Trick or Treat night and we were going to help Grandma hand out candy to the kids.  But first, we had to help decorate!! You see, Grandma puts on quite a display at her house.  Halloween is her favorite holiday and she wants all the kids to remember her house!

After the house was ready, I had to get ready!!
Momma brought my tutu and was planning to have the rest of my costume done, but forgot to bring everything with her.  Silly momma!!

Soon it got dark and all the kids started to arrive!!  Momma didn't get pictures of the kids OR the house all lit up.  She was to busy trying to keep my bony little pug butt warm on the front porch.  This Pocket Pug is not made to "chill" in the 44 degree weather that Mother Nature served up.  

As most of you would expect, I was quite vocal with the children.  They were walking all through Grandma's yard and taking the bags of candy!!  Who did they think they were???  That's my yard AND my candy!  The nerve!!!  

So in an effort to keep me quiet, momma introduced me to these:
Such wonderful goodness!! 

How could I have not been eating these everyday?!?!?

The sweet crunchy candy was just what I required to allow the little trespassers to continue their activities!!

What do you mean they're GONE?!?!?!!?

  I'm not hearing you!!!

Finally, it was time to go.  Momma loaded me back into the car to head to our second event of the night:  The Posse House!!  Sadly, momma left her camera in the car so there are no pictures of my adorable sleepiness hanging with The Posse.  What was she thinking???
Despite all the little people, Halloween wasn't to bad.  I think I may have to give another try next year!!  Did any of you get candy on Halloween???

 Tata for now. . . .
Lotsa Love!!
Mia P

Wednesday, October 26, 2011